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Foot Health Week

October 15, 2018

The 15th of October marks the beginning of Foot Health Week! It is a time to celebrate and recognise the services that are provided by our Geelong podiatrists. If you were ever wondering when you should see a podiatrist, the Australian Podiatry Association has released a list of basic complaints requiring podiatry assessment and management....

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Geelong Podiatrists talk about Ankle Sprains

September 24, 2018

Spring has arrived and with the warmer weather people tend to increase their activity levels and may participate in exercise programs.  With an increase in activity comes the risk of injuries.  Our Geelong podiatrists see more injuries during the warmer months and ankle sprains are the most common exercise related injury.  Children and teens also...

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Our Geelong Podiatrists help you treat heel pain

August 30, 2018

Did you know that heel or arch pain is the most common foot condition that Australians experience, with 48% having heel pain at least once in their lifetime and 38% of Australians having experienced heel pain in the past twelve months. Your Geelong Podiatrists at Podiatry@Belmont are excited to announce the offering of a specialty...

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Welcoming an experienced Geelong podiatrist – Amelia Ling

July 9, 2018

Amelia is an experienced podiatrist who graduated from La Trobe University in 2005. For her honours year, she completed a thesis on ‘Postural Asymmetries and Clinical Measurements’. As a Geelong podiatrist, she has gained over a decade of experience, focusing on biomechanics, sports podiatry, diabetes, paediatric podiatry, surgery and general care. Amelia has also completed a...

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Geelong Podiatrists – Help treat your foot arthritis

May 16, 2018

With cold and wet weather on its way, our Geelong podiatry team are preparing to manage increased pain from osteoarthritis. Many of our patients are affected by osteoarthritis that affects their feet. Some symptoms of osteoarthritis are: Pain that worsens during or after activity Stiffness that goes away after movement Swelling around joints Clicking or...

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Tips for Healthy Toenails from Podiatry@belmont – Geelong Podiatrists

March 19, 2018

Toenails can reflect your overall general health.  Regular toenail care is important to maintain healthy toenails. Our podiatry@belmont Geelong podiatrists provide you with these helpful tips to keep your toenails healthy. Keep toenails clean and dry.  Wash your feet and toenails daily with warm soapy water.  Make sure you dry your feet and toenails thoroughly...

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Geelong Podiatrist – Footwear and Exercise

January 3, 2018

Is starting an exercise program part of your New Year’s Resolution? Whether you are planning to jog, walk, cycle or join a gym, your efforts can be undermined by wearing incorrect footwear. Resist the temptation to wear your old sandshoes that are at the back of the cupboard to start your exercise plans. Our Geelong...

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Geelong Podiatrist with Diabetes Australia – Campaign to end amputations

October 25, 2017

In Australia, it is estimated that 1.2 million people aged 2 years and over have been diagnosed with diabetes, meaning that over 5% of the entire nation are living with the condition. Every year there are 10,000 hospital admissions in Australia for diabetes-related foot ulcers  –  4,400 of these admissions result in some form of lower...

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