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Your Geelong podiatrists talk about foot orthoses

November 29, 2018

Foot orthoses, formerly known as orthotics, are orthopaedic devices worn in closed in shoes that support the soft tissue structures in the foot.  Foot orthoses can help to realign the foot posture and they can assist with improving the function of the feet and lower limbs.   There are two types of foot orthoses – off...

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What is podiatry? – An update from your Geelong podiatrists

November 1, 2018

The International Federation of Podiatrists  has recently released a global standard definition for podiatry. “Podiatry is that profession of health sciences concerned with the research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of deformities, pathologies and injuries of the foot and associated structures – in relation with the body as well as the manifestations of systemic diseases – by all appropriate systems and technologies using scientific and...

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Foot Health Week

October 15, 2018

The 15th of October marks the beginning of Foot Health Week! It is a time to celebrate and recognise the services that are provided by our Geelong podiatrists. If you were ever wondering when you should see a podiatrist, the Australian Podiatry Association has released a list of basic complaints requiring podiatry assessment and management....

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Geelong Podiatrists talk about Ankle Sprains

September 24, 2018

Spring has arrived and with the warmer weather people tend to increase their activity levels and may participate in exercise programs.  With an increase in activity comes the risk of injuries.  Our Geelong podiatrists see more injuries during the warmer months and ankle sprains are the most common exercise related injury.  Children and teens also...

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Our Geelong Podiatrists help you treat heel pain

August 30, 2018

Did you know that heel or arch pain is the most common foot condition that Australians experience, with 48% having heel pain at least once in their lifetime and 38% of Australians having experienced heel pain in the past twelve months. Your Geelong Podiatrists at Podiatry@Belmont are excited to announce the offering of a specialty...

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Welcoming an experienced Geelong podiatrist – Amelia Ling

July 9, 2018

Amelia is an experienced podiatrist who graduated from La Trobe University in 2005. For her honours year, she completed a thesis on ‘Postural Asymmetries and Clinical Measurements’. As a Geelong podiatrist, she has gained over a decade of experience, focusing on biomechanics, sports podiatry, diabetes, paediatric podiatry, surgery and general care. Amelia has also completed a...

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Geelong Podiatrists – Help treat your foot arthritis

May 16, 2018

With cold and wet weather on its way, our Geelong podiatry team are preparing to manage increased pain from osteoarthritis. Many of our patients are affected by osteoarthritis that affects their feet. Some symptoms of osteoarthritis are: Pain that worsens during or after activity Stiffness that goes away after movement Swelling around joints Clicking or...

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