Gait and Biomechanical Analysis, Geelong

Gait and biomechanical analysis are a vital part of ensuring your condition is adequately assessed. At podiatry@belmont we pride ourselves on providing a detailed assessment of your feet and lower limbs. Our podiatrists all practise using current research techniques, including assessment of your foot posture index, range of motion tests, muscle testing and gait analysis.

  • Biomechanical assessment

Assessment of muscle and joint range of motion and strength. This provides the basis for treatment plans and direction to address causal factors to injury and performance.

  • Foot Posture Index

The Foot Posture Index (FPI) is a diagnostic clinical assessment aimed at identifying foot posture as pronated, supinated or neutral. FPI is a validated method for quantifying standing foot posture.

  • Muscle Testing

Our podiatrists will assess the muscles of your lower limbs and can prescribe appropriate exercises if a muscle tightness or imbalance is identified.

  • Gait analysis

Our Geelong podiatrists utilise gait analysis for adults and children.  Gait analysis is a tool used to observe   walking and running, identifying biomechanical abnormalities.

The information gained from these assessments, guides our Geelong podiatrists to recommend the most effective treatment plan for your condition – this could be Foot Orthoses, prescribing exercises, orthopaedic shoes or other approaches. Please contact podiatry@belmont to book an appointment or if you require any further information.