Geelong Podiatrists advise a footwear health check

September 23, 2019

Spring is here and we all like to buy new shoes.  Our Geelong podiatrists recommend the following steps to ensure your feet stay well-protected and healthy.

  1. PUSH – Pushing the back ends of your shoes inwards will tell you how much support your shoes provide. If the back end stays firm, the shoe is robust and will provide significant support for your feet.  If the back end bends inwards, the heel counter is flexible and not providing enough support.
  2. BEND – Bend your shoes to where your toes will go as your feet naturally bend and flex at the metatarsal joints. Having a shoe that bends with your feet is important to provide comfort and to activate the muscles in your feet.
  3. TWIST – Ensure the middle section of your shoe can’t twist to make sure your feet are being supported. When purchasing new footwear, the middle should remain stable and firm to support your foot arch and shouldn’t twist.
  4. TIE – Laces, buckles, Velcro fasteners all help to make sure your feet are firmly secured in your shoes. Avoid slip on shoes or ballet flats as your toes will jam into the front of the shoe, causing discomfort.
  5. THE RULE OF THUMB – You should leave about one thumb-width of space between the tip of your longest toe and the front of the shoe you are fitting. This allows for your feet to slide forward as you walk.  Always remember, your longest toe may not necessarily be your big toe.

If you have any concerns with your footwear or are experiencing foot discomfort when wearing shoes, our Geelong podiatrists are here to help. Contact us now to book a thorough foot assessment on 52430130.  Don’t forget to bring your shoes!