April 3, 2019

Different stages of children’s development require different approaches to protecting the needs of their feet.  An infant should be kept unrestrained to enable the initial growth of muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves in the feet.  If the weather is cooler, adequate fitting socks can be worn to support the foot agility and still keep the feet warm.  Closed toe jumpsuits can also be worn.  Always check they jumpsuit is the correct size and not too small as it can pull on the feet, inhibiting the foot growth.


The first steps a child takes marks an exciting milestone.  When a child begins to walk, shoes should only be worn when protection is needed.  Our Geelong podiatrists encourage barefoot walking in toddlers, to assist foot development and strengthening of muscles.  As the child matures, frequent changes in shoe and sock size will occur.  At three years old, parents should be checking their child’s foot size every one to three months.  At age four, check changes in foot size every four months and check every six months after the age of five until the feet are fully developed.

If you have any concerns with your children’s developing feet, contact our experienced Geelong podiatrists at podiatry@belmont for an assessment and advice on 52 430130.