Plantar heel pain podiatrists in Geelong

Plantar heel pain is the most common cause of foot pain our Geelong podiatrists encounter every day in clinical practice.  What often starts as an annoyance in the morning, plantar heel pain can quickly transcend into a debilitating sharp pain needing to “warm up” for normal weightbearing.  Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of plantar heel pain.  Common symptoms of plantar fasciitis are pain under the heel and along the arch and is often most intense with the first steps of the morning.  It usually occurs after long periods of weight bearing or sudden changes in activity.

Other causes of plantar heel pain also need to be considered.  Tendinopathies, heel spurs, fat pad inflammation, spondylarthrosis, tarsal coalitions, soft tissue tears, bursitis and nerve entrapments can all cause plantar heel pain.  Due to the many causes of heel pain, it is important to have your heel pain thoroughly assessed and diagnosed by our Geelong podiatrists for a treatment plan to be developed.  Everybody’s heel pain is different and treatment plans will vary, along with timeframes for resolution.  To have your heel pain assessed and for specific advice please contact our Geelong podiatrists for an appointment.