Geelong Foot Orthoses

Foot Orthoses and insoles are regularly used to give pain relief by correcting any abnormality in your feet or lower limbs which then helps to reduce overuse and stress to muscles and joints. At podiatry@belmont our Foot Orthoses are made after a thorough and comprehensive biomechanical assessment which includes gait analysis, muscle and joint range-of-motion testing.

Foot Orthoses can be used for the following conditions:

  • pronation or flat feet
  • bunions, callouses and corns
  • supination or high arched feet
  • stress fractures
  • children’s growing or leg pains
  • Leg pain – including ankle, arch-of-the-foot, knee, heel and shin pain
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Charcot deformities
  • offloading pressure areas
  • foot and toe deformities.

Everyone’s feet are different and our Geelong podiatrist will assess your foot type for the most appropriate Foot Orthoses. During your assessment, your podiatrist will advise you which type of Foot Orthoses will suit your feet and footwear best and the life span of your Foot Orthoses. Foot Orthoses are usually covered by your private health insurance.

We offer a range of effective treatments to relieve and treat your condition and improve your quality of life – whether you looking for an adult or children’s podiatrist. Book an appointment with podiatry@belmont for assessment, diagnosis and treatment.