Diabetes podiatry, Geelong

People who have diabetes can develop a number of foot problems, including damage to the small nerve endings in the feet (neuropathy) or decreased blood supply to the feet. People with diabetes who have poor circulation and are unable to feel their feet, are more likely to have serious foot problems including ulcers and infections.

When you have diabetes you need to take care of your feet every day, checking for changes or problems. Daily checks can prevent serious complications and reduce your risk of hospitalisation.

It is important to seek more information from a podiatrist about how to care for your feet and reduce the risk of serious complications.  Podiatry@belmont recommends low risk feet have a podiatry check up every twelve months to ensure the health of your feet and high risk feet have more regular checks every two to three months.  Our Geelong podiatrists provide regular routine treatment and advice, annual neurological and vascular assessment and gait analysis to  maintain your diabetic foot health. Some people with diabetes may qualify for a Medicare rebate if referred to us on a chronic disease management plan from their GP.

Book an appointment with our Geelong podiatrists for your diabetes foot assessment, treatment and advice or talk to our friendly staff at podiatry@belmont for more information.