Your Geelong podiatrists talk about foot orthoses

November 29, 2018

Foot orthoses, formerly known as orthotics, are orthopaedic devices worn in closed in shoes that support the soft tissue structures in the foot.  Foot orthoses can help to realign the foot posture and they can assist with improving the function of the feet and lower limbs.   There are two types of foot orthoses – off the shelf and customized.  Your podiatrist will assess your gait and foot posture to advise which type of foot orthoses would suit your feet and condition.  Every person has different gait pattern, weight, height, age, footwear and activity so the type of foot orthoses prescribed by your podiatrist, will vary between each individual.

Foot orthoses can help to relieve pain by redistributing the load away from the symptomatic areas and they may help to realign the lower limb posture, alleviating pain in the feet, ankles, shins or knees.  Foot orthoses shouldn’t be used in isolation, but as a part of an overall treatment plan advised by your podiatrist.  If you are experiencing any foot or lower limb pain, call our Geelong Podiatrists (Lyndal McGuire, Louise Jeffery, Karen Rhodes, Andrew McMillan and Amelia Ling)  52430103 for an assessment of your feet as you may benefit from foot orthoses as part of your treatment plan.

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