Geelong Podiatrist – Footwear and Exercise

January 3, 2018

Is starting an exercise program part of your New Year’s Resolution? Whether you are planning to jog, walk, cycle or join a gym, your efforts can be undermined by wearing incorrect footwear. Resist the temptation to wear your old sandshoes that are at the back of the cupboard to start your exercise plans. Our Geelong podiatrists know exercising in the wrong footwear, worn out footwear or ill fitting footwear is one of the most common causes of injuries and will set back your New Year resolution plans.

Our Geelong podiatrists recommended choosing a shoe that is specific to the activity you are participating in. Visiting a speciality store that sells athletic shoes is advisable as they have trained staff to assess and recommend the right shoe. Don’t buy shoes based on their price, bright colours or fashion appeal. Always remember to take the socks you plan to wear with the shoes you are exercising in. If you are still unsure which shoe is the best fit or appropriate for your foot type, our Geelong podiatrists are here to help. Call us on 52430130 to make an appointment for assessment and advice.

Tying sports shoe