Tips for Healthy Toenails from Podiatry@belmont – Geelong Podiatrists

March 19, 2018

Toenails can reflect your overall general health.  Regular toenail care is important to maintain healthy toenails. Our podiatry@belmont Geelong podiatrists provide you with these helpful tips to keep your toenails healthy.

  • Keep toenails clean and dry.  Wash your feet and toenails daily with warm soapy water.  Make sure you dry your feet and toenails thoroughly after washing.
  • Cut your toenails straight across using straight edge scissors – NOT curved.  Shape the edges of your toenails with an emery board.
  • If you have a curved or ingrown toenail don’t try to cut it out.  Consult with our Geelong podiatrists at podiatry@belmont for treatment and advice.
  • Always wear shoes that fit adequately and don’t place pressure on your toes.  Your socks / hosiery shouldn’t be tight fitting over your toes.
  • If your toenails are thick and difficult to cut, call Geelong podiatrists at podiatry@belmont for correct toenail care and advice.
  • Visiting the pool or holidaying at a camp ground? Make sure you wear your thongs or flips flops around the pool and in public showers to reduce the risk of fungal infections which can spread to your toenails.

If you have any change in the colour of your toenails or they are causing pain, contact us at podiatry@belmont and our Geelong podiatrists can assess your toenails and provide appropriate treatment and advice.  Call us on 5243 0130