May 3, 2017

In April 2017, a Canadian province has scrapped the dress code which requires female employees to wear high heels.  The government of British Columbia says a workplace requirement of wearing high heels is a health and safety issue.   High heel wearing for long periods of time can cause possible damage to feet, legs and back and wearing high heels can place the employee at greater risk of slipping or falling.  It is being lauded as a step towards ending discriminatory dress codesThe amended regulation says employers cannot force workers to wear footwear with a design, construction or material that inhibits the worker’s ability to safely perform their job. It says employers have to consider slipping, ankle protection, foot support, muscle or bone injuries, and electrical shock when considering mandatory footwear.
For our Geelong podiatrists, corns, callouses and ingrown nails are the most common conditions treated in long term high heel wearers. Our Geelong podiatrists are seeing thinning of the forefoot plantar fat pad, nerve pain and numbness, joint inflammation, tight achilles tendons and foot deformities including bunions in regular high heel wearers.  If you have any concerns with your feet or the footwear choice you are making, call for an appointment now 52 430103 and our Geelong podiatrists can assess your feet and advice you on the correct footwear choices.