Travel tips from our Geelong Podiatrists

May 31, 2017


At Podiatry@belmont we love hearing the travel plans of our clients.  Our Geelong Podiatrists can give you some hints to help you have a great holiday.

  • Good walking shoes are a must.  Shoes should be worn in and comfortable before you leave.  We are happy to check your footwear or give tips on which ones to buy.  We have a range of Revere and Dr Comfort shoes that may be suitable.
  • Our Geelong podiatrists can advise you on suitable socks that will help make your adventure more comfortable.
  • Ensure that your feet are in top shape.  Come and see our podiatrist to check on any corns, callouses or nail concerns you might have.  Its better to review any heel or arch pain before attempting the cobblestones of Europe.
  • When showering or swimming in different hotels, pools and spas there is a risk of picking up tinea or plantar warts, wearing rubber thongs around pools and spas as a preventative measure is good practice.

It’s a great idea as part of your preparation for holidays to see our Geelong podiatrists Contact Us for an appointment