Podiatrist Geelong- Medical Grade Footwear [Orthopaedic footwear]

February 22, 2017

Dr Comfort Shoe a. Brian for males and b. Annie for females


Do your shoes cause pressure and pain on your toes? A recent study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research found the use of an off the shelf medical grade shoe reduced the pressure on the forefoot of participants and provided greater comfort.

The shoes are designed with a flexible, neoprene fabric upper reducing pressure on the forefoot and in turn, reducing discomfort on the toes. The researchers assessed 30 participants using the Dr Comfort Brian and Annie shoes. The participants walked across a 6m walkway in either the medical grade footwear or their own shoes. Digital and inter-digital pressures were measured with an in-shoe pressure system and the participants scored their perceived comfort. The researchers concluded the medical grade footwear provided greater comfort and reduced the amount of pressure on the forefoot. Medical grade footwear is a more viable alternative to custom made footwear and more suitable than every day regular shoes when treating toe deformities.

The medical grade footwear tested in the research is available at podiatry@belmont.

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