Children’s podiatrist makes back-to-school time easier

January 19, 2017

Getting the best fit in school shoes is important for long term foot health. School shoes carry your children around ALL day, longer than any other shoes they will wear. The bones in childrens’ feet are still developing, so require a good fit to enable them to reach potential.

When looking for shoes, our children’s podiatrists recommend you check these points:

  • ensure the shoe is adjustable with laces, buckles or velcro. This enables the shoe to hold onto the foot. Slip-on shoes are not suitable, as toes have to claw to hold the shoe on.
  • Get feet measured at the shoe shop. Measurements should include length and width to get the correct shoe fit.
  • Try to get shoe uppers made from leather and avoid synthetic uppers as much as possible. Leather ‘breathes’ and is more forgiving to foot shape.
  • The soles of shoes should have shock absorption and allow for active running and jumping.
  • Check inside the shoes for seams and stitching that may rub on toes or feet.
Children's podiatrist & back to school

To get the perfect fit for school shoes, follow this check list:

  • Length – new shoes should be a thumbs’ length longer than your childs longest toe. This allows for growth and ensures the toes are not restricted by the end of the shoe.
  • Width – the shoe should fit without any side pressure on the toes or the feet.
  • Heel height – allow 1 to 1 ½ cm heel height only.
  • Ankle fit – the top of the shoe should not rub on the ankle.
  • Comfort – children should be able to walk and play comfortably in shoes. They should allow ‘kids to be kids’.

Please contact us for more advice about selecting the right back-to-school shoes.