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Geelong Podiatrists – Foot Health Week

October 14, 2019

#1 They keep you active & mobility is independence: We’re talking about the important stuff here: your life, your community, freedom, relationships, health, activity, travel, independence, mobility, and your overall happiness! It’s a tall order, but foot health can help you to live your best life. #2 They tell a much bigger story: Your feet...

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Geelong Podiatrists advise a footwear health check

September 23, 2019

Spring is here and we all like to buy new shoes.  Our Geelong podiatrists recommend the following steps to ensure your feet stay well-protected and healthy. PUSH – Pushing the back ends of your shoes inwards will tell you how much support your shoes provide. If the back end stays firm, the shoe is robust...

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July 31, 2019

Gait is basically the way a person walks.   Podiatrists assess gait to observe how the body parts are moving.  An abnormal gait can lead to imbalances elsewhere in the body when moving.  Our Geelong podiatrists use gait analysis to study your biomechanics (how your body moves) and the effects on feet, hips, knees, lower back...

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