Heel pain podiatrists in Geelong

Heel pain is a common complaint in adults, as heels hit the ground first when walking or running so they take the initial and strongest strain. One of the most common causes is plantar fasciitis.

Patients with plantar fasciitis usually complain of pain under the heel – a sharp, hot, searing pain in the arch or heel of the foot. It is a common complaint related to sports involving running or jumping, yet it is also common for people to develop heel pain suddenly and without clear cause. Treatment includes assessment of foot posture, footwear assessment, strapping, dry needling and Foot Orthoses or insoles depending on your condition.

  • Heel Spur Pain
    Heel spurs can often be confused with plantar fasciitis and while they are related, they are not the same. A spur is a hook of bone that can form on the heel bone (calcaneus) causing foot and heel pain. About 70 per cent of patients with plantar fasciitis have a heel spur that is visible on an x-ray and many patients without symptoms or pain can have a heel spur.
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
    Another cause of heel pain that presents with similar symptoms to plantar fasciitis and is often misdiagnosed. Pain can be burning, numbness or tingling sensations radiating into the foot. Some people experience pain at night but overall the pain is often worse with activity.
  • Bruised heel
    This is a disabling condition caused by either an acute incident or repetitive pounding on the heel. It is usually associated with severe heel pain and the patient is unable to carry weight on the heel.
  • Heel bump (Haglunds deformity)
    This is a bony enlargement on the back of the heel, close to the Achilles tendon insertion. Pain is felt when the overlying soft tissue area becomes inflamed as the bony bump rubs against the back of shoes.

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