Heel pain podiatrists in Geelong

The Geelong Advanced Heel Pain Clinic is a specialty service providing advanced assessment and treatment solutions for our clients with chronic heel pain.

The service is provided by our Advanced Musculoskeletal Podiatrist Dr Andrew McMillan. Andrew is an experienced podiatrist who takes a comprehensive, person-centred approach to foot and ankle care. He has special expertise in the treatment of degenerative soft tissue disorders and osteoarthritis, tendinopathy, and pain arising from flat or high-arched feet.

Andrew has undertaken postgraduate education to improve his ability to assist patients with chronic heel pain. In 2013 he completed a PhD focused on diagnostic imaging and ultrasound-guided corticosteroid injection for plantar fasciitis, undertaken at La Trobe University. Andrew also holds a Graduate Certificate in Diagnostic Ultrasound from Curtin University of Technology, and prior to this was awarded the University Medal for his podiatry Honours thesis exploring the mechanical effect of foot orthotics while running.

He has been published in various peer-reviewed medical journals on the topic of heel pain (see below) including a contribution to the British Medical Journal in 2012. Andrew has undertaken further clinical training to utilise prescribed medicines in podiatry and is endorsed by the Podiatry Board of Australia to provide this extended scope of care when required.

Andrew lives in Geelong with his wife and two children and is very committed to providing high quality foot care in our region.

The Geelong Advanced Heel Pain Clinic is equipped with a state-of-the-art diagnostic ultrasound unit (Sonosite Nanomaxx) with an optimised imaging probe for foot and ankle applications. This unit produces high resolution images of musculoskeletal structures with sufficient detail to identify subtle degenerative changes and defects within soft tissues. The Sonosite unit also features a Doppler scanning mode to identify increased vascularity within the target tissue, indicating the presence of chronic inflammation and long-term attempted healing.

Patients with chronic forms of plantar fasciitis may benefit from ultrasound-guided corticosteroid (cortisone) injection and the Sonosite unit provides excellent needle guidance imagery during this procedure. If this is required Andrew performs the heel injection under an ankle nerve block which is provided beforehand. This technique ensures the comfort of our clients during the procedure and improves accuracy during the corticosteroid injection which follows after.

Andrew has a special interest in foot structure and how this relates to persistent disorders affecting the ankle, medial arch and forefoot. His assessment of these factors forms the basis of an individual client’s treatment plan keeping in mind extrinsic factors such as work environment, specific footwear needs and activity goals. In cases where foot structure is contributing to persistent pain, Andrew typically addresses this first by taking a plaster impression cast and prescribing custom-made EVA foot orthoses. This is often the first step in providing mechanical care to our clients and ensuring the cause of their problem is thoroughly addressed.

To make an appointment with Andrew at the Geelong Advanced Heel Pain Clinic,  contact us on 5243 0130.

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