Geelong Podiatrists talk about Ankle Sprains

September 24, 2018

Spring has arrived and with the warmer weather people tend to increase their activity levels and may participate in exercise programs.  With an increase in activity comes the risk of injuries.  Our Geelong podiatrists see more injuries during the warmer months and ankle sprains are the most common exercise related injury.  Children and teens also have a high rate of ankle sprains.

An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments in the ankle are stretched or torn due to sudden movement that causes the ankle to roll out.  Common causes are high impact sports, biomechanical instability or sometimes simply walking on uneven pavement and rolling the ankle. After an ankle sprain, the ankle will be sore and possibly swollen and depending on the severity, maybe bruised and painful to walk on.

If you experience an ankle sprain, our Geelong podiatrists advise you to treat it immediately to avoid any long term issues with joint or ligament weakness.  Follow the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevate) in the first couple of days of the sprain.  Stretching and strengthening exercises will help movement, improve stability and reduce the formation of scar tissue.  If the ankle sprain is severe, it may require casting or brace to ensure the bones align correctly.

Most ankle sprains are easily preventable.  Always wear shoes that are comfortable, well-fitting and provide adequate ankle support and remember to warm up before you exercise.  Our Geelong podiatrists can assess your biomechanics and observe the way your foot functions, to see if your foot posture may be contributing to ankle sprains.  We can prescribe exercises to strengthen your muscles, tendons and ligaments and if required prescribe foot orthoses to support and realign your feet.  Finally, do not ignore any pain in your ankle as it could be a sign of injury.  If you have had recurring ankle sprains or have pain in your ankles contact us for a thorough assessment and podiatry treatment.