March 8, 2022

The warmer weather is coming to a close in the southern states, and our Geelong podiatrists are seeing an increase in foot pain due to thongs been the choice of summer footwear.  There are many problems with thongs contributing to foot pathology and subsequent pain.  These include:

MINIMAL SUPPORT : Thongs offer minimal support to your arches and heels and cause stress in the heels, plantar fascia and arches leading to foot pain.

NO PROTECTION : Thongs offer limited protection for feet, placing the feet at risk of injury and trauma.  Thongs should be avoided by people with diabetes, as an injury to the foot could lead to subsequent foot infection and ulceration.

FLAT and UNSTABLE : Thongs are too flat causing strain on calf muscles and stress on the forefoot.  Toes need to claw and grip to hold onto the thong during walking.  Long term use will result in sore and uncomfortable feet.

SKIN DAMAGE and CHANGES : Wearing thongs causes the skin to dry and dehydrate, resulting in splits and cracks mainly around the heel border.  Splits are painful and can lead to infection.

There are times when thongs are an appropriate footwear choice.  Wearing to the beach on a hot day to protect your feet from hot sand.  Thongs can be worn as “shower shoes” when camping to avoid foot infections in communal showers.  Unfortunately, people wear thongs day in and day out resulting in foot problems.  If you have been wearing your thongs all summer and are experiencing foot or leg pain, call or contact us at podiatry@belmont and our Geelong podiatrists will provide a complete assessment, advice and treatment plan.