5 shoe buying tips

September 8, 2014

1.    Time of Day

The smallest your feet will be all day is in the morning after you get up. Unless you work at night and are on your feet, morning is not the time to shop for shoes. Feet expand during the day. To find the best fit, buy shoes in the late afternoon and make sure your toes have room.

2.  Always Measure

Don’t assume you know the measurement of your feet. Since feet are usually different sizes, measure each foot separately. Try shoes on your largest foot first. If the shoe style fits your largest foot, it will fit your smaller foot. However, if you purchase shoes based on trying a shoe on your smaller foot, you may find the other shoe is not large enough, leaving you uncomfortable. Always remember, each brand of shoe has a different fit so don’t assume because you are a certain size, you will be that size in all shoes.

3.  Try on both shoes and test them out 

Always try on both shoes – don’t rely on how shoes fit one foot. What works on one foot may not work with the other. Always test the shoes out and take them for a walk around the shoe shop.

4.  Bring socks or hosiery

Always try on shoes with the right hosiery or socks. If you are buying shoes for the office and you mainly wear stockings, then try the shoes on with stockings. If you are buying running shoes, take your sport socks to try on the shoes.

5.  Focus on fit

There’s no such thing as “breaking in a shoe” – that goes for all types. If the shoe is uncomfortable, don’t buy it. Don’t listen to the sales person telling you they will stretch or you need to break them in.