A quick lesson on orthotics

December 17, 2012

Not just advantageous for children, the benefits of orthotics are multifold. If you didn’t already know, they’re every foot’s secret weapon against injury prevention and pain relief.

  • Better posture
    Orthotics are designed to improve overall body posture by encouraging the correct positioning of joints and alignment of lower limbs and muscles from the feet up. So if bad posture has become a habit, our orthotics can help realign the spinal column and as well as alleviate fascia pain.
  • Injury prevention
    Ideal to wear during exercise, orthotics are helpful in preventing lower shin injuries as the correct foot positioning decreases stress on feet and lower limbs. It’s amazing how good quality shoes and well-suited orthotics can buffer against knee and back injury.
  • Rehabilitation
    Custom-fitting orthotics are an important step in rehabilitating weak or injured areas affected by the feet, which can in turn improve the whole positioning of the body. Correctly fitting orthotics can help resolve a range of foot problems, including heel pain, flat feet and shin pain as well as bunions, callouses and corns.
  • Exercise
    Often worn by professional athletes, orthoses reduce the stress and fatigue that sports activities place on feet. They can also improve agility in sporting performance! In addition to easing the shock absorption which comes from walking, running and the like, your feet will feel very supported.
  • Daily life
    In working life, your feet are one of your greatest assets and something indispensable to any field. For instance, a lot of jobs in the health care industry, like nursing, require employees to constantly stand on their feet for long shifts at a time. Investing in orthotics – designed to support the entire foot, cradle the heel and equalise pressure distribution – is a wise and easy way to shield against long-term podiatry problems.

So come and see us at podiatry@belmont for Geelong orthotics which your feet will thank you for!